Guild Renaissance Group

GRG 2013 minutes from the annual general meeting




May 5th, 2013

Olde Stone Cottage, Kingston Road, Scarborough 


Board Members in Attendance: 

Linda Harris, Sandy Muir, Terry Donaghue, Janet Heise, Jill Watson, Liz Vitek, Paul Ainslie, Ralph van Putten, Paul Ainslie

Regrets: Louise Miskew


1. Call to Order and Welcome:Linda Harris


The Annual General Meeting was called to order at 2:08 P.M. A warm welcome was extended to the featured speakers and all GRG members.


2. Approval of Minutes:

Sandy Muir


Motion:            To approve Minutes of June 3, 2012
Moved by:        Jill Watson
Seconded by:   Janet Heise


3. President’s Report:  
Linda Harris


Linda reported it has been a busy year for the Guild Renaissance Group. One of the most exciting activities was Board member Janet Heise arranging for CTV to do a segment on the revived walking tours of the Guild Park and Gardens and then literally at the last minute having to step in to lead the tour. The CTV video, along with some edited segments, was a tremendous success which resulted in 12 more walking tours with more than 250 participants taking place on the grounds last year. The tours will return this Spring and on July 6th will be featured on Toronto's Heritage Walking Tours program.


Linda reported activities and accomplishments for the last year, which included:


  • Maintaining and enhancing the GRG web site The number of visits to the site reached 10,000 per month.
  • Issuing three newsletters
  • Participation in Guildwood Day in June.
  • Continuing to support The Guild Festival Theatre which this summer, its third season, will produce Moliere's "The Misanthrope".
  • Continuing participation in the Guild Park Advisory Committee chaired by Councillor Ainslie. This year's key meeting was with Cameron Hawkins, the consultant hired by the city of Toronto to write the latest Request for Proposal (RFP) for restaurant and banquet facilities on the grounds of the Guild.
  • Partnership with Paul Ainslie on hosting the Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival. This partnership now in its third year continues to flourish as the GRG continues to manage the Festival Bank account and have three of our Board Members on the Festival Committee.
  • A partnership with the newly formed community group Friends of the Guild Park and Gardens. Two of the Board's members are part of the 4-person steering committee who were instrumental in creating the new group..


Linda concluded her report by thanking the membership for their loyal support.

4. Treasurer’s Report:
Terry Donaghue


Terry Donaghue presented the 2012 Financial Statements. The statements, unaudited, were prepared by Laura Vanderkolff, CA of Vanderkolff, Company. Below is a summary of the statements. Terry also reported that a separate account created to manage The Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival funds stood at $2,865 at year end..


Statement of Revenue, Expenses and Net Assets







Excess of revenue over expenses


Net Assets, beginning of the year


Net Assets, Dec 31, 2010




Motion:            To approve the 2012 Financial Statement
Moved by:        Sandy Muir
Seconded by:       Jill Watson

Motion:             To appoint Laura Vanderkolff, CGA, as the GRG accountant for 2013
Moved by:         Sandy Muir
Seconded by:         Liz Vitek

5. Appointment of Legal Advisor for 2013:


Motion:             To re-appoint Nirmala Persaud as the GRG legal counsel for 2013
Moved by:         Sandy Muir
Seconded by:      Ralph van Putte


6. Ratification of Directors Actions During 2012:


Motion:           To ratify the actions of the GRG directors during 2011
Moved by:       John Mason
Seconded by:    Dorsey James


7. Election of Directors for 2013:

a) Nominations
    The entire existing Board was put into nomination..


b) Nominations from the Floor
    There was a call for nomination from the floor. Cathy MacLennan, a Guild Renaissance Group member was put forward.


Motion:           To elect the nominated names to the GRG Board
Moved by:       Connie Henderson
Seconded by:  John Mason


8. City Councillor’s Report:
Paul Ainslie


Councillor Ainslie reported that since being elected to represent Ward 43 in 2006 much has changed at the Guild Park and Gardens. There are now many more activities and events at the park as well as more interest. This last year has seen much progress.


The City's Real Estate Department took over the process for  finding a proponent to bring a restaurant and possibly banquet facilities to the grounds of the Guild. An RFP was issued and one serious contender made it through the initial selection round. A final proposal is expected by the end of May. If all goes well City staff will approve the proposal by the end of June and it will go to City Council on July 16th.


Upon questioning Councillor Ainslie confirmed that the Guild Cultural Precinct Plan will proceed this year even if the restaurant proposal is rejected by City staff. The councillor also confirmed he will continue to pursue a new library branch for the site to replace the Guildwood Library branch in the Guildwood Plaza.


The Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival on the Guild grounds will return for its third year on the weekend of July 27/28. This year's festival promises to be bigger than ever. The Guild Renaissance Group is again an active partner of the Festival Committee. The Olde Stone Cottage Restaurant will return as the main food provider and will again operate a beer garden.


The councillor ended his report by thanking all those in attendance for the hard work they have put in during the last year


9. Other Business:


There was no other business was presented at the meeting.

10. Featured Speakers:


Linda Harris introduced Sten Eirik, President of The Guild Festival Theatre. In his remarks he thanked the Guild Renaissance Group for its initial encouragement to create The Guild Festival Theatre and its continued support the three years of its existence. Sten restated his mission of giving Scarborough a high profile annual theater festival of classics on the open air Greek stage at the historic Guild.


John Mason was then introduced and spoke of the formation and the goals of the new Friends of the Guild Parks and Gardens group. He reiterated the group is dedicated to bringing "Best Practices" to the Park and to prioritize Park requirements not covered by the Cultural Precinct improvements.


The last speaker of the afternoon was Dorsey James, one of Canada's preeminent sculptors. Mr. James recounted his first meeting with Rosa and Spencer Clarke at the Guild Inn, how Spencer bought his first pieces and invited him to be an artist in residence.  Mr. James then re-told some of the events of his working nine years at the Guild Inn with the Sculpture Cabin as his studio. Upon completion of his remarks Janet Heise, on behalf of the Guild Renaissance Group, thanked Mr. James and presented him with a framed certificate for becoming a patron of the Guild Renaissance Group.



11. Motion to Adjourn:


Motion:        To adjourn the meeting at 3:28 PM
Moved by:   Terry Donaghue