Guild Renaissance Group

GRG 2012 minutes from the annual general meeting




June 3rd, 2011

Momiji Centre, Markham Road  


Board Members in Attendance:  Linda Harris, Sandy Muir, Terry Donaghue, Janet Heise, Louise Miskew, Jill Watson, Ralph van Putten, Paul Ainslie


1. Call to Order and WelcomeSandy Muir


The Annual General Meeting was called to order at 2:08 P.M. A warm welcome was extended to all GRG members.


2. Approval of Minutes  

Sandy Muir


Motion:            To approve Minutes of April 17, 2011
Moved by:        Terry Donaghue
Seconded by:   Janet Heise


3. President’s Report   Linda Harris


Linda noted the lack of progress on any development on the Guild Inn grounds in the last year. She expressed disappointment with the abandonment of Centennial College's initial proposal for the Guild Inn and the subsequent changing of the proposal details by the College Then, more disappointment when the City tied starting the work on the cultural precinct with completing a deal for a commercial redevelopment of the Guild Inn proper after the GRG and other advisory committees was told this would not  happen. In spite of these setbacks, she vowed the GRG would not give up and that the clear vision the GRG has to revitalise the Guild with art, events and activities - to make it the cultural heart of the area - remains true.

Linda reported activities and accomplishments for the last year, which included:


  • Revising our brochure
  • Maintaining and enhancing the GRG web site
  • Issuing four newsletters
  • Participation in Guildwood Day in June.
  • Continuing to support of the Guild Festival Theatre which will produce "Clouds over T.O." this summer.
  • Continuing participation in the Guild Park Advisory Committee chaired by Councillor Ainslie.
  • Partnership with Paul Ainslie on hosting the Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival. This partnership continues this year as we continue to manage the Festival Bank account and have three of our Board Members on the Festival Committee.


Linda concluded her report by thanking the membership for their notes of support which were included with their renewals and reminding us all that although the GRG membership is not large we will are mighty.

4. Treasurer’s Report  
Terry Donaghue


Terry Donaghue presented the 2011 Financial Statements. The statements, unaudited, were prepared by Laura Vanderkolff, CA of Vanderkolff & Company. Below is a summary of the statements. Terry also reported that a separate account was created to manage The Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival funds.


Statement of Revenue, Expenses and Net Assets







Excess of revenue over expenses


Net Assets, beginning of the year


Net Assets, Dec 31, 2010




Motion:            To approve the 2011 Financial Statement
Moved by:        Ralph van Putten
Seconded by:      Linda Harris

5. Appointment of Legal Advisor for 2011


Motion:             To re-appoint Nirmala Persaud as the GRG legal counsel for 2011
Moved by:         Sandy Muir
Seconded by:     Linda Harris


6. Ratification of Directors Actions During 2011


Motion:            To ratify the actions of the GRG directors during 2011
Moved by:       Liz Oliver
Seconded by:    John Mason


7. Election of Directors for 2011

a) Nominations
    The entire existing Board was put into nomination along with a new member E. Vitek.

b) Nominations from the Floor
    There was a call for nomination from the floor. No names were put forward.


Motion:           To elect the nominated names to the GRG Board
Moved by:       Bill Dowsett
Seconded by:  John Mason


8. City Councillor’s Report Paul Ainslie


In Councillor Ainslie's absence Linda Harris reported the last year was not a stellar year with respect to the Guild property. Highlights were:

  • The Centennial College proposal for the development of a Culture and Heritage Department headquarters and conference centre along with a boutique hotel fell through and was abandoned.
  • Although the Guild Cultural Precinct Plan has been approved and the $4,200,000 for the park was allocated the two RFPs (Requests for Proposals) for a landscape architect and a structural project management company that were to be issued were held back by City staff. Reasoning is that without a viable commercial project to redevelop the Inn the actual scope of the project cannot be fully stated in a RFP. The Councillor's attempt to sever the project into phases was rejected by city staff. As a result no development of the cultural precinct took place in 2011.
  • The City's Real Estate Department has hired a consultant to write an RFP for a developer and operator (who need not be the same company) for a restaurant and banquet facility. No firm date for the RFP is known. The consultant is expected to meet the Guild Park Advisory Committee in mid-June.
  • Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival on the Guild grounds will be held again this year. The dates are the weekend of July 28/29. The Guild Renaissance Group is again an active partner of the Festival Committee. The Olde Stone Cottage Restaurant will be the main food provider and will operate a beer garden. Focus of the Festival will be on more diversity.

9. Other Business


There was no other business was presented at the meeting.

10. Motion to Adjourn


Motion:        To adjourn the meeting at 3:50 PM
Moved by:   Terry Donaghue