Guild Renaissance Group

GRG 2011 minutes from the annual general meeting




April 17, 2011

Cederbrae Library, Markham Road  


Board Members in Attendance:  Linda Harris, Sandy Muir, Terry Donaghue, Janet Heise, Paul Ainslie, Louise Miskew, Jill Watson Ralph van Putten


1. Call to Order and WelcomeSandy Muir


The Annual General Meeting was called to order at 2:08 P.M. A warm welcome was extended to all GRG members.


2. Approval of Minutes  

Sandy Muir


Motion:            To approve Minutes of April 18, 2010
Moved by:        Paul Ainslie
Seconded by:   Grace Dowsett


3. President’s Report   Linda Harris


Linda reported the GRG continues as an advocate for the re-birth of the Guild of All Arts and of the Guild Inn. However, that this was a “slow year” in terms of progress would be an understatement. At last year’s AGM we believed a lease between The City and Centennial College had been negotiated and was awaiting final signature. Now we are told the College is still investigating funding for the project and determining the feasibility of a hotel on the site. No lease has been signed.

The City project manager for the Guild Inn grounds, Glen Garwood, retired in 2010. His vision for the site continues to be represented in all plans. The GRG met with him on a regular basis over many years and he incorporated the ideas we brought forward as well as those from the community into his plans for the site. The GRG wishes him happiness in retirement and to thank him for his tireless work on behalf of the Guild.

Other activities for the last year included:

  • Purchasing a 2 DVD set on the sculptures of Elizabeth Fraser Williamson. GRG members can request to borrow the DVDs by sending an e-mail to
  • Participation in Guildwood Day in June.
  • Responded to a “Request for Expression of Interest” that was issued by the City for renting space on the Guild site when renovations and development are completed. The City is looking for groups and artists that would actually step forward wanting to rent space – painting/glass/pottery studios for example – in order to design the appropriate spaces to accommodate requirements. The GRG requested community meeting space and a citizen advisory board be created to oversee the completion of the cultural precinct.
  • Sent a representative, Janet Heise, to the Creative Community Consultants meeting chaired by Councillor Michael Thompson which is exploring what the people want from the City’s Cultural Department.
  • Sent a representative, Ralph van Putten, to Centennial College’s symposium on Cultural and Heritage Tourism Vetted a presentation from Sum° Collective, a group of young artists, who create art exhibits on culturally and/or historically significant sites to highlight its history and importance. The GRG Board offered support, non-financial, for their efforts to create an exhibit at the Guild Inn.
  • Gave interviews to the Scarborough Mirror, Financial Post and a journalism student from Centennial College.
  • Created a website to highlight the Guild. See A special thank you to Sam Harris for developing the site.
  • Produced and distributed four newsletters in the last year in an effort to keep members and the public informed on the happening at the Guild Inn and special thank you to Louise Miskew and Janet Heise for all their efforts.

4. Treasurer’s Report  
Terry Donaghue


Terry Donaghue presented the 2010 Financial Statements. The statements, unaudited, were prepared by Beverley M. Rhodes, CA. Below is a summary of the statements.


Statement of Revenue, Expenses and Net Assets







Excess of revenue over expenses


Net Assets, beginning of the year


Net Assets, Dec 31, 2010



Motion:            To approve the 2010 Financial Statement
Moved by:        Sarah Walker
Seconded by:     Carol Bruce

5. Appointment of Legal Advisor for 2011


Motion:             To re-appoint Nirmala Persaud as the GRG legal counsel for 2011
Moved by:         Sandy Muir
Seconded by:     Linda Harris


6. Ratification of Directors Actions During 2010


Motion:            To ratify the actions of the GRG directors during 2010
Moved by:       William Dowsett
Seconded by:    Liz Oliver


7. Election of Directors for 2011

a) Nominations
    With the exception of Lin Whitman the entire existing Board was put into nomination.

b) Nominations from the Floor
    There was a call for nomination from the floor. No names were put forward.


Motion:           To elect the nominated names to the GRG Board
Moved by:       Grace Dowsett
Seconded by:  Lee Graves


8. City Councillor’s Report Paul Ainslie


Councillor Ainslie reported the last year was a busy year with respect to the Guild property. Highlights were:

  • Although Centennial College and the City have completed the lease negotiations for the site the official signing of the lease has been delayed by Centennial College. The College embarked on a fund raising study and a feasibility study for a proposed hotel on the site in 2010. The results of both studies were disappointing to the college. The expected funding has not fully materialized and demand for a hotel is not overwhelming. Although the hotel development and the development of the Culture and Heritage Department headquarters and conference centre were always considered separate phases the College now believes the two must be linked and completed as a single project. The outcome is Centennial is looking for additional funding sources before any lease will be signed.
  • The Guild Cultural Precinct Plan has been approved and the $4,200,000 for the park was allocated. However, two RFPs (Requests for Proposals) for a landscape architect and a structural project management company that were to be issued in the fall of 2010 were held back by City staff. Reasoning is that without a commitment from Centennial College to redevelop the Inn the actual scope of the project cannot be fully stated in a RFP. The Councillor will consult with City staff in an attempt to sever the project into phases. He requested a letter of support for this approach from the Board.
  • Guild Alive with Culture festival on the Guild grounds will be held again this year. He weekend of August 5/6 are the scheduled dates. Building on last year’s success it will expand again with more artists and Centennial College has again committed to providing the food services. Changes this year will include integrating the vendor tables with the community groups and reducing the number of business tables. The focus will be more on Arts and Culture.


9. Other Business


Sandy Muir on behalf of the entire Board recognized Lin Whitman, who did not stand for re-election to the Board, for his dedication and contributions to our organization. Also recognized was Cathie Whitman for her contributions.


Motion:           To appoint Lin and Cathie Whitman as honorary members to the GRG Board
Moved by:       Sandy Muir
Seconded by:  Alex Semeniuk

10. Motion to Adjourn


Motion:        To adjourn the meeting at 3:23 PM
Moved by:   Terry Donaghue