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Performers' entrance to the Greek Theatre

The Guild of All Arts was established in the early 1930's by Rosa and Spencer Clark. who provided facilities and inspiration for many renowned and aspiring artists and artisans. Visitors were given the opportunity to experience, appreciate and support the arts. The activities at this site added immeasurably to Canada's cultural development. Sadly, this treasure declined following the deaths of the Clarks in the 1980's. Facilities have deteriorated and some have already been lost. The Guild of All Arts cannot be revived and sustained without help.


The Guild Renaissance Group is working to resurrect the Clarks' dream by creating a cultural facility to encourage excellence in the arts in an environment that inspires participants and audiences alike.


The Guild Renaissance Group and the City of Toronto envision a new Guild of All Arts, a cultural centre with performance space, an enhanced Greek Theatre, an art gallery, a sculpture garden, studios for master classes and craftspeople, and work space for artists and artisans.